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The home to the largest elephant population of any national park in Africa, more than 440 bird species and a full suite of predators roam these spectacular grasslands. In addition, you can spot the Roan Antelope and the rare Oribi Antelope.

The Chobe River rarely disappoints, with Botswana’s densest concentration of wildlife, animals are present all year round. Whether it be a relaxing boat cruise or 4×4 trip along the river banks, you are almost guaranteed an up-close encounter with some of the incredible wildlife of Chobe National Park.

Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi has a prominent dual personality, with wide spread areas of dry land between vast wetlands. The habitats vary from mopane woodlands and thorn scrubs to dry savannah, grasslands, floodplains, marsh and permanent waterways, lagoons and islands. This contrast makes it very unique. 

The Khwai River is one of the Moremi’s most spectacular features, situated on the Northern side of Botswana. Recently, Kwhai has earned the reputation of being one of the best areas in Botswana to spot wildlife.

Linyanti Marshes

Against the border of Namibia, the Linyanti River spreads into a vast flood plain, in the dry season this attracts astonishing concentrations of wildlife.

In contrast the wet season is just as spectacular, the river goes for miles and the shimmering waters make for a beautiful sunset.

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