We at African-Eye strive to create media that stands out and will blow you away whilst creating content that suits your brand attracting audience to your business or company.Visual media is everything in todays world. We provide you with promotional videos & photography, aerial videos & photography all at the highest quality with the latest equipment.


Breathtaking wildlife, captivating destinations and mind-blowing sunsets.  African-Eye promises you the experience of a lifetime! We are owner run adding our experience of traveling to the destinations bringing you our best most informative information whilst creating unique unforgettable experiences. Travel with us, create with us. See the world through African-Eye.

Photographic Boat Safaris

Our photographic boat safaris are unique and personalised, with a dedicated photographic guide on board instructing you on how to use our supplied cameras and lenses whilst pointing out the captivating wildlife in the area. The boat is fitted with specialised chairs, camera mounts and USB charging ports. Refreshments, tea, coffee and canapes are provided. Morning & afternoon trips are scheduled daily.

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