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Our travel experts have lived and breathed these magnificent destinations, so we know all the right boxes to tick off your list. With our knowledge combined we can do it all and plan the perfect trip for you. If you’re planning a honeymoon and have no idea where to start, let us take care of it. Planning a family holiday? We can help. Planning a last minute trip with friends? We have some great ideas for you.

This is your holiday, no one else’s, so let African-Eye Travel create something completely unique for you.

Take a look at our itineraries, step into the depths of African-Eye and get inspired!

A Week of New and Old Memories at Royal Zambezi Lodge

There are only a few things in this life that beckon my soul. Three of these things are my loved ones, music and nature. This past week at Royal Zambezi Lodge has been a trip that combined all 3 of these loves, creating a cocoon of happy nostalgia.   Loved ones - The...

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Our 3-Day Adventure with African Safari Walks

Close your eyes and picture untouched stretches of golden grasslands scattered with tangles of trees creating a mosaic of rustic pigments for miles on end. Nestled beneath the trees and the stunning African Sky is a toasty fire pit and a canvas tent that blends in so...

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The Maldives – An Underwater Labyrinth

The Maldives   With the stunning white-sandy beaches and the crystal clear water along with astonishing sea life, it comes with no surprise that the Maldives is the ultimate tropical getaway.  We recently travelled to the Maldives in August, and it with out a...

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