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African Eye


African-Eye specialises in producing world-class media content for the media/travel industry as well as documentary production and travel shows. We aim at providing our clients with media content that will blow them away and stand out. We as African-Eye combine years of experience from working in any type of condition or terrain, minimalistic to luxury, savanna’s, jungle’s, oceans, desert and snow calling on our expertise from wildlife filmmakers, photographers and script writers and directors to create unique media tailored to you. 

Our team and equipment that we use is tailored to go wherever you are. We can travel solely with the latest minimalist equipment or expand our team to cover large projects where it demands including maximising our equipment.

African-Eye also specialises in keeping up with the latest technology and equipment of the planet and a big part of our passion/business is the use of drone technology. This unique new perspective will open your eyes to truly see the world.


Does your lodge hotel company brand need unique engaging promotional media?  We strive to create content that best fits your aesthetic and speaks to the audience interested in your business. The visuals are so important in today’s digital world – we can provide you with high quality stills, HDRs, aerial photographs & aerial video, as well as beautifully crafted promo films and ads.


We run photographic/filming safaris throughout Africa. The areas we travel to have been hand picked from our experiences in these destinations. We will also train your team on the best way to create media for your business lending itself to creating unique branded media for your company.


We lend ourselves and knowledge from our extensive experiences to create ideal photographic structures, hides, vehicle mounts and photographic equipment that will ideally suit your brand / photographic safaris making you unique amongst your competitors.

A Week of New and Old Memories at Royal Zambezi Lodge

There are only a few things in this life that beckon my soul. Three of these things are my loved ones, music and nature. This past week at Royal Zambezi Lodge has been a trip that combined all 3 of these loves, creating a cocoon of happy nostalgia.   Loved ones - The...

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Our 3-Day Adventure with African Safari Walks

Close your eyes and picture untouched stretches of golden grasslands scattered with tangles of trees creating a mosaic of rustic pigments for miles on end. Nestled beneath the trees and the stunning African Sky is a toasty fire pit and a canvas tent that blends in so...

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Recent 6 day Photographic Safari in Zimbabwe

6 Day Photographic Safari in Zimbabwe        Destinations : Robin’s Camp & Victoria Falls - Photographic Safari  Are you an experienced photographer growing your portfolio? Or a novice photographer looking for some inspiration and tuition? Either...

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